Facetime vs Skype

Facetime vs Skype, A battle between two major applications who are giants in the field of video calling. As you know Facetime and Skype both provide great video calling experience but there are some significant differences between them.

Many of us have used one of these apps or both. Now we want to know who is the real king between these two applications. Well, This article is for you to know everything between Facetime and Skype. Additionally, we will also give your detailed comparison of Facetime vs Skype. Read the whole article carefully and select the best video calling app which suits you.

Facetime vs Skype: Who Is Better?

Before comparing them we will first look into their history. Facetime was developed by Apple and they bought this name from Facetime communications. Apple launched Facetime for iOS devices on 24th June 2010. After a time of 8 months, it was released for macOS devices also. Whereas, Skype was founded by Niklas Zennström in 2003. Its initial version was released on 29th August 2003. So, it is clear that Skype is older than Facetime.

Now we are going to compare both Facetime and Skype which will be based on certain factors. We will look into their compatibility, quality, features, and User Interface. Along with it, we will also check their performance. So let’s dive into the comparison of Facetime vs Skype.

Availability on Cross-Platforms :

Skype is one of the most popular video calling application and you can use it on many different platforms. From windows to iOS or to Linux you can use it on any system. You can also download it as an app on your tablet or smartphone.

Whereas this is not the same case with Facetime. Facetime in simple words is an Apple to Apple product. It is not a cross-platform app. It means you can not use it on other platforms except iOS or macOS devices. Facetime is made exclusively for iOS or macOS devices.

So if you don’t have an iOS or macOS device then Skype is the only choice for you. So we must say in terms of compatibility Skype is a clear winner.

User Interface and Design :

The user interface of Facetime is simple and transparent. With no extra or unwanted features, Facetime focuses on making a video calling very simple. For instance, if you want to chat with someone you may need to use iMessage.

facetime App Interface

On the other hand, Skype has so many great features. This makes its UI a bit complex. It also supports chat options which same as any instant messaging app. In short, skype offers many different customization options. So if we talk about user interface then the UI of Facetime is more simple than Skype.

Therefore, we can say that if you don’t need many features and want a simpler user interface then choose Facetime. On the other hand, if you need much functionality then go for Skype. As it has a complex user interface due to various features.

Video Quality And Performance :

It is obvious that the quality of a video call mainly relies on the stability and speed of the Internet. However, you should know that video quality also depends on server design and some other factors. Skype offers you good audio and video quality. But there are some cases when lagging and freezing issues ruin the user experience during video calling.

FaceTime App

One the other end, Facetime provides a smooth experience. It also has better video quality with addition to good audio quality. There are some occasional lags but those lags are not often. You can call anyone in full-screen mode in both Skype and Facetime.

So in terms of quality Facetime is some steps ahead of Skype. But you should not doubt the quality of skype video calling.

Features and Speciality :

When we talk about the number of features then skype is way ahead of facetime. It offers many great features while making a call. For instance, it provides a feature of forwarding a call. Moreover, it also provides the option of blur background which can be useful if we don’t want to show our room or environment.

On the other hand. Facetime does not offer many features. But the configuration process of Facetime is easy. Due to which we can set it up easily.

When we talk about video calling then both the application supports group video calling. Skype supports up to 50 people in a group call whereas facetime offers group video calls up to 31 people.

The best benefit of skype is that everyone can use skype even if they don’t have the best computer. This means that you can run it almost on every low-end PC. Meanwhile, Facetime due to fewer features offers simple video calling by selecting a contact.

So in terms of features, Skype is a lot better than Facetime.

Security and Protection:

One of the main things a user often forgets to check is the quality of security. Well, no need to worry because when we talk about security then both of these applications have strong security. Both Facetime and Skype provides end to end encryption to users.

Skype encrypts all the messages and information between you and the receiver. End to End encryption means no information or chat can leak between you and receiver.

So in terms of security, both Facetime and Skype are good as they provide end to end encryption to all users.


Thus its time to wrap up things. Both Facetime and Skype are awesome video calling application. Both of them offer a free video calling service.

But, When we look at compatibility and functionality Skype is a clear winner. The limited cross-platform availability of Facetime is its downside. Although, if you own iOS or macOS devices then always go for Facetime over any other app.

If you are a windows user then you do not have any choice other than Skype. At last, we want to say that due to cross-platform availability and various features Skype is a real champion. We hope you loved reading it. Thank you our reader.