Free Download Facetime For PC (Windows & Mac)

Facetime for PC?

Is it even possible to download facetime app for windows?

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FaceTime is a video chatting service that allows people to connect, engage, and interact through video calls. It was developed by Apple Inc, especially for its users. This is a useful tool that helps in bridging the distance of millions of miles between loved ones by bringing them closer virtually. 

Features Of FaceTime

The immensely popular FaceTime video calling service was first released in 2010 for iOS platform and a year later for Mac. It operates on iOS 4 and later models and Mac OS X 10.6.6 and higher platforms. It is available in various languages starting from English, Arabic, Danish, French, to Italian, Russian, Spanish, and many more. Despite its popularity, it has limited availability. The amazing features of FaceTime are described below:

Image quality: 

FaceTime For Pc And Mac

In terms of video quality, FaceTime is superior to all the other video calling services. The images are sharper and clearer than most other popular alternatives. It supports high definition video calls up to 720p on Intel-based Macs. 

Easy to use: 

The FaceTime application comes as an in-built feature in the higher Apple devices. The user is just required to enter their Apple ID to start the application. Once the ID is given, using the FaceTime App becomes surprisingly easy. It is very much like using a phone to call someone. 

User-friendly interface: 

The FaceTime application comes with an elegant interface. The picture in picture view enables one to see exactly what the other person in the conversation can see of you. Both the front and rear cameras can be used in the call. It also allows for a swift transition between landscape and portrait views. 

Interconnected Devices: 

If one receives a call on Mac, all Mac devices of the user will start ringing simultaneously, no matter wherever you are.  Hence it becomes almost impossible to miss a call on FaceTime. 

Participants in the Video call:

In a Group FaceTime video call, there can be up to 32 participants. 4 can join these group video calls as audio participants. 

Is It Possible To Install FaceTime For Windows? 

Unfortunately, there is no FaceTime for Windows, and we assume, there will not be one anytime soon. The facility simply is not available outside the Apple domain. Thus, Windows users are bound to look for other video calling options available on the internet. 

Install Facetime App For Windows Using Emulator

Keeping in mind the unavailability of FaceTime app on Google Play Store, if one looks further into the matter, they might find a few websites that give detailed instructions about legal methods of using the APK file of FaceTime on Windows platform. But for that to work, some system and device requirements need to be followed: 

  • The PC must be any of the following- Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. 
  • The CPU speed needs to be above 1 GHz.
  • The RAM of the PC must be of 2GB or more.
  • The PC needs to support Webcam. (In case of laptops, they have in-built webcams)
  • The connection of a microphone or headset is necessary. 
  • A decent and stable internet connection is a must. 
  • The PC also requires an Android emulator to run the APK file of FaceTime. 
  • Once the Android emulator is installed on the PC, then one needs to download the FaceTime APK file and install it. 

Using FaceTime On Mac 

FaceTime On The MacBook

You can make a FaceTime video call from your Mac with up to 32 participants. Using the mobile network connection of your nearby iPhone, you can easily make a FaceTime call directly from your Mac. It uses a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. 

The basic requirements for making a FaceTime call on Mac are:

  • The device needs to be connected to the internet.
  • The Apple ID is required to sign in to FaceTime. (If unavailable, you can go the Apple ID account website to sign up for free)
  • The device needs to have a built-in or connected microphone. 
  • A built-in or connected camera is also required. 

If you have these requirements, here are the next steps to follow:

  • Turn on your FaceTime App. 
  • Enter the email address or the phone number of the person you want to call, in the field at the top of the FaceTime window. If the other person’s contact is saved on your device, you can just type in the name of the person instead of their email address or phone number. 
  • To add multiple people in your FaceTime call, repeat the above step till the desired participants are listed in the call. 
  • To start the FaceTime call, click on the Video button (for video calling) or the Audio button (for audio calling or even a phone call). 

Once the FaceTime video call starts, you can change your view of the call, pause the call, change the volume of the call, or mute it. You can also add contacts while you are on the call or add more participants to a Group FaceTime call. 

Alternatives Of FaceTime For PC

There is absolutely no reason to get disheartened owing to the unavailability of FaceTime in platforms other than iOS and Mac. Even if you cannot get hold of FaceTime, there are various other alternatives available on the internet that are in no way less than the one we spoke about until now.

If you and the people you want to contact have the same application downloaded in their devices, you need not worry about the operating system. These alternate video calling services are not only user-friendly but have almost the same basic features as FaceTime. Few of the best alternatives of FaceTime for PC, that are easily available and are highly recommended by us are: 



According to users, Skype is one of the best communication apps for PC. It is extremely easy to use and one can operate it with little or even absolutely zero knowledge of it. It hardly has any complexities. It can not only be used as a personal tool for communicating with your family, but also as an official platform to hold official meetings. 

This video calling app also provides a chat feature that enables you to chat with either everyone presents in the call or any one of them, while you are in a call. The app sends an email notification if you miss a call. Though Skype consumes a lot of data and sometimes lags despite a good internet connection, it is still one of the most popular video calling services in use. 

Google Hangouts: 

Google Hangouts is another video calling and texting application by Google which can be used both on Android phones as well as on the PC. It is also supported on iOS and Mac platforms. The application is integrated into the Google ecosystem; hence it allows you to make video calls from the interface of Gmail. Google Hangouts is best suited when you are using the Google suits platform. This medium is mostly used by offices to promote conversation among teammates. A slight drawback of Google Hangouts is that it does not work well when a large group is connected. 

Google Meet: 

Google Meet

Google Meet is an accessible, affordable, and an intuitive video conferencing platform. It proves to be an excellent alternative for FaceTime for windows. It provides trouble-free video conferencing for up to 250 people. It is a popular video conferencing tool for modern businesses across industries.  It allows you to present, collaborate, and live stream meetings to many viewers at one time. Google Meet is a particularly popular software owing to its user-friendly interface and a wide range of collaborative features. While using on PC, the seamlessness of the video conferencing might be a little hampered despite stable network connections. 



This software can be used on the PC. It claims to have the largest users across the world. It ranges to about 500 million users, which is huge. If you are looking to connect with people internationally, this might be your best choice. The application is free of ads and is remarkably easy to use. One of the important features of Viber is that it supports multiple languages. 



Zoom is an online video calling & web conferencing application. It is one of the most popular video calling platforms now. It gained immense popularity during this pandemic and has consequently been the first choice of multiple people – be it a conference call amongst the teams, long hour corporate calls, or online classes. You do not need a paid subscription to use Zoom, if someone invites you and sends you a link, you can easily join the call. You do need a Zoom account to start your meeting. You can add more than 100 people at a time and extend the meeting for more than 40 minutes – may be up to 24 hours long. It is said to be one of the best video calling apps in terms of usage – second to Skype and Google Hangouts.